Wave Field Synthesis (WFS) Concert / 06.02.2011

CONCERT at : clubtransmediale / tu-berlin : 6th of february 2011
shintaro imai : immersive motion study (2007)
robert henke : tau (2005/11, ua)
boris hegenbart : ebenen 20000 (2010)

Club Transmediale – Festival for Adventurous Music & Related Visual Arts

This event presents works for Wave Field Synthesis (WFS) realized in the Electronic Music Studio

Boris Hegenbart : ebenen-20000 (2010)

In ebenen-20000, several planes of sound are moved extremely slowly through the hall like pieces on

an assembly line. Density, structure and size of each plane is different and determined. When a plane

stops, layering can occur in which more complex sounds are created. The structure of the piece is

determined by the movements of the sounds and the new resulting sound-combinations. ebenen-

20000 was commissioned by the TU Electronic Music Studio.