Solo performance at ARENA // 27.10.2019 Berlin

Solo performance by Boris Hegenbart on Sunday 27. October 2019
16:30 Martyna Poznanska
17:00 Claudius Hagemeister
17:15 Boris Hegenbart
17:30 Frieder Butzmann
18:15 Hans Peter Kuhn
18:30 Audio Ballerinas & Electronic Guy
Pallasstr. 5, 10781 Berlin – Germany
ARENA is an interactive sound sculpture by Berlin-based artist Benoît Maubrey. It is conceived in the shape of a small amphitheater, constructed with 320 recycled loudspeakers (all connected). The sculpture can function both as a mobile “Speakers Corner“ — a “hotspot“ for local participation and self-expression but also as a forum for small events and concerts.
The public, local artists, musicians, choral groups and organisations can participate by relaying songs and messages via Bluetooth and individual Smartphones, or by connecting their devices, microphone, and instruments via a direct “line in.” Additionally ARENA can be used as PA system for events, DJs, and small concerts.