site-specific intermedia installation by Boris Hegenbart

(Part of the group exhibition STUDIO STADT)

electronically controlled glass, plywood, steel, microphones, loudspeakers, computer, real-time processes

dimensions vary

FLAECHENFINDER spektral01 is the continuation of a series of installations and performances.

Seeing and hearing the outside world are controlled. Two membranes – a special glass pane and a microphone – make the

outside world visible or block the view and make the surrounding sounds audible or unheard.

Seeing and hearing take place at different times, never simultaneously. Image and sound are decoupled.


Photo by Jan Thoben
Photo by Jan Thoben


Martin Kamratowski – custom technology

Special regards to:

The initiative neue musik berlin (inm)
loop – raum für aktuelle kunst
Volker Straebel and Tim Tetzner
Jaro Straub and Florian Wüst


STUDIO STADT / Group exhibition / Opening June 24, 6:00 p.m
24.06. – 30.07.2023

Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday from 12-6pm. Or by appointment at info@scharaun.de

Scharaun is an interdisciplinary project space for art and architecture in Berlin Siemensstadt.The exhibition space is located in an apartment complex from the 1930s, which was built by the architect Hans Scharoun for the workers of the nearby Siemens factories. Together with his wife Aenne, Scharoun lived and worked in an apartment inside the same building from 1930 to 1960. www.scharaun.de/en/about



Curated by Tim Tetzner, Jaro Straub and Florian Wüst in collaboration with Ralf Homann